Online ordering (customers digitally ordering food and beverages via your website or app) is not and should not be technology that a few businesses are entitled to have access to.

In fact, there are a plethora of 3rd parties offering online ordering solutions for restaurants and cafes making it readily accessible to any size of business and (more or less) any budget, even for free.

So why would a business not already be equipped with an online ordering solution? The answer is that businesses typically adapt to technology late or consider it unnecessary to change the way the operate; “why should I change and make things more complicated when my business is already successful as it is”, are words we often hear from operators.

There are several reasons why being an early adopter, or at least an adopter at some stage, is beneficial but the purpose of this article is not to expand on this. Needless to say, the current situation and the strictly imposed social distancing guidelines, are good enough reasons for a business to consider themselves lucky (or wise) if they already offer online ordering to their customers.

But for those who haven’t what is the best way forward? There are a few steps required, to a process that is very straight forward. In summary, you need to:

1. Prepare content for your online menu: this includes photos of your dishes, descriptions and pricing. We can help you get the most suitable photos and descriptions, as we would like to consider ourselves an end to end solution.

2. Decide on how your customer gets their order: There are two options; first, click & collect, meaning your customer picks the food up from your store and second, home delivery (or both).

3. Get an online ordering system: as mentioned before, there are lots of them available. Arch Order is our very own system, which (surprise!) we recommend, and it comes for free, with seamless customer experience and functionality that is second to none.

4. Decide on payment: this is optional, as you can decide to receive payment upon pickup or deliver. However, if online payment is your preference (via credit card), our online solution can perfectly incorporate that.

5. Launch! Steps 1 to 4 might take a couple of days (or less), if you have the information at hand and are working with a credible partner.

6. Optimize: You now have your system in place, but where can your customers use it? You will be surprised by missed opportunities we have observed in the past. We are more than happy to help you not miss a single opportunity in the digital ecosystem.

So, more or less that’s it. We are confident this is not complicated (if not very straight forward), so get yourselves an online order solution and step into the future now!

Contact us here, should you require more information.