The change that was (not) meant to be.

The status quo, in the hospitality industry, particularly for restaurants, cafés and bars has changed and let’s admit it, this forced change (due to the COVID-19 impact) has somewhat found everyone unprepared.

Meaning, how do you quickly adapt and learn to operate a business that depends on “in-outlet” sales in a present and future of limited physical contact, that is here to stay?

Despite the fact that we are being optimistic about the future and the return to (a newly founded) reality, we cannot neglect the fact that hospitality businesses will need to generate alternative channels of income, as peoples’ homes are becoming their new favorite cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms and work places.

Still, however abrupt change might be, it is always an opportunity!

And yes, you guessed this right, in this new world, a business cannot exist (and needless to say, flourish) without adapting i.e. using the right tools that allow remote service to customers, offering a seamless experience that is only missing that irreplaceable smile of the waiter at the café.

What are these tools? Online ordering is a straight forward solution, that is already offered by many 3rd parties such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

When this was just a means to deliver food, coffee or even a drink, it was fine to partner with these providers to help you reach your customers, allowing you to focus on offering a great product.

However, owning this channel becomes now a well-placed investment, as it will result in directly serving an increased share of your customers who will shift to the online channel.

It also allows for an on-going dialogue with them directly, which is not only better for customer retention but also more profitable for your business.

How we can help

So, what can you do now? Well, installing an online ordering solution, seamlessly to your website, app, social media pages or Google My Business has never been easier.

To that end, we are offering our “Arch Order” solution that can get your business going and keep your customers served completely free of charge; no hidden costs or extra fees.

Arch Order allows for click & collect (your customer picks their order at your store) and/or home delivery and will set you up for success not only now, but also in the future.

Interested? – please reach out and we can get you going in no time time. Click here, for more information.