Life under coronavirus has changed and a lot of these changes will become status quo, as societies reopen from recent lockdowns and businesses resume their operations. In this post, we are going to present

  1. Trend: Since the COVID-19 outbreak started, search volumes on Google for “immunity boost diet” and “healthy eating” have spiked. Opportunity: This is an opportunity for restaurant and café businesses to ensure they incorporate healthy items into their menu. It can be anything from acai bowls to green tea with ginger and curcumin to help build a stronger immune system.


  1. Trend: Spending more time at home, means consumers are looking into snacks that they can enjoy between main meals. Opportunity: Ensure you also offer at least a few snack choices, beyond main items, particularly if you can also tap on the trend of healthy eating (see above).


  1. Trend: It’s not only when it comes to cooking, but even with regards to growing their own vegetables, fruit and seeds, that consumers are looking more and more into being able to sustain themselves during times of uncertainty. Opportunity: Assist people in their quest by, for example, providing recipes of their favorite dishes on your website or Social Media.


  1. Trend: People are becoming more aware of food and packaging waste and wish to increase the number of waste-light products. Opportunity: Businesses can use packaging that is plant based or reduce the amount of plastic they include in their delivery items. This will not only trim down costs but also be viewed positively by most customers.


  1. Trend: Customers want to be reassured that your hygiene standards are your highest priority. Opportunity: Demonstrate your brand’s quality control and hygiene practices, for example by sharing content on Social Media on how your restaurant is adhering to standards at all phases of the food journey, from preparation to delivery at home.

These are five trends and opportunities that businesses should consider, not only now, but also in the immediate future. Keep an eye on our posts as we continue to highlight insights your business can capitalize on and thrive, particularly during our current turbulent times.