Arch Kiosk

Arch Kiosk is an extra pair of hands at your shop. An easy to order solution for your customers, so you don’t have to plan and hire extra staff when you are busy. The kiosk will take your customers’ orders, send them to your bar or kitchen staff and get payment straight to your bank. A truly seamless ordering solution!

How it works


Customer makes an order at your shop, using the Arch Kiosk


The Arch Kiosk processes payment and sends the order to the bar or kitchen staff.


Customer waits for his or her order, which is prepared by your staff.


Customer picks up his coffee and/or meal.

What you get

  • Colours, style and branding to reflect your business
  • Food personalisation options for your customers
  • Upsell capability so you can gain more
  • Seamless payment, directly to your bank
  • No idle staff, no queuing to order or pay

Let’s talk business


Sales increase

Driven by a combination of faster operations, less wait time for the customers and shorter queues as people can be distributed across more ordering points.



Payroll savings

With less staff required to process orders at the till, cashiers have can be relocated to other duties or in slower periods removed altogether, saving up to 25% on payroll.


Capacity increase

Before, your maximum order processing capacity was capped by the number of cashiers. Now with re-allocated staff making more shakes and more ordering points, maximum capacity can be increased by 58%.

Arch Kiosk pricing plans


£149 per month

  • Standard design
  • One Arch Kiosk
  • Single location
  • Pay at your till


£299 per month

  • Standard design
  • Up to six Arch Kiosks
  • Single location
  • iZettle Payment
  • Online ordering
  • Phone support
  • Dedicated online/email support


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  • Bespoke design
  • Multiple Arch Kiosks
  • Multiple location
  • Various payment systems
  • Online ordering
  • Loyalty app
  • Dedicated phone support

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